Being a rebranding agency, we thought it would be nice to share here how we came up with our “own” branding and visual language.


It’s not always the first step in branding design, but it was for us. When we thought about our colour palette, we wanted something that will represent what we do for our clients. We wanted to give a rejuvenating, refreshing, energising feeling and felt that spring elegantly represented those emotions. One photo came to mind, a visual representation of revitalisation, taken by Vinita.

This was the basis of our palette, and when we broke it down it we wanted the colour choice to complement each other visually and symbolically:

Laurel – growth

Lemonade – creativity

Nori seaweed – trust

Cream peach – celebration

Sage – balance

Rose – femininity


Starting with The Branding Collective as a place holder name, we further brainstormed keeping our values in mind to represent our unique process. 67 zoom calls, 2 collective walks in the woods and 15 discussions over lunch later, we were still going down the rabbit hole with names such as Four Fabulous Fish, Indigo Ant and Four in a Forest. The word ’boutique’ came first as it represents the custom approach we have to our clients and our products. ‘Rebranding’ represents our positioning in the market as we aim to working with businesses who are looking to reconnect with their passion and mission. That’s how we became Rebranding Boutique.


Designing your own logo is a unique experience. Our brainstorming sessions were in depth, fun, and full of opinions. We explored many different concepts from diamonds, to tulips, to abstract circles, to leaves and organic forms. Ultimately settling on the dragonfly symbol drawn in a continuous line. The dragonfly is associated with change, transformation and self-realisation and carries with it the wisdom of adaptability. The continuous line represents the journey on which we will take our clients. It felt good to refocus and to have the visual identity that will represent us throughout our branding.


The circle in our logo represents the process that our clients follow under our guidance. We think of them as the dragonfly going through that process. 

Developing our own branding showed us, yet again, how important it is to put time, effort and intention into this process. How It helps you focus on what your business really is (and is not), refine your message, and define your identity. The right clients will follow.