What are your favorite settings for your photoshoots and how do you manage to relax your clients into the session?

I prefer to shoot with a low depth of field and I am really fond of using blurry backgrounds. I get the advantage of using natural light in my photos that varies with the time of the day. I love playing with light.

Regarding how to relax the clients before the session, the work is in the preparation and I always try to get to know the clients before the session. I make an effort to take away the nervousness by answering all the questions they have in their minds, and I expect them to be a part of the sessions. With some clients, it takes time more than the others to ease and loosen up, then after a while they warm up eventually. As they start seeing their actual photos on the camera the story changes. They relax more, thinking this session is actually fun and not stressful. In the middle of the session they calm down completely!


How did you get good at photography?

I had been practicing and doing photography for a really long time. This is something I have been obsessed with since high school, but it was more of a hobby for me at that time. Photography has been in my life on and off. It evolved from being just a leisure activity I love doing to being a business. In 2004 I had my first exhibition at the American Bookstore in The Hague. This was how my professional journey started. I eventually set up my business 15 years ago.

I took many workshops and courses over time. In India I have joined a film course and I have also worked as a photography studio manager for some time. Simply lots of practice and experience makes it better! My business evolved over the years, first I started doing family photography and then it took more the form of business and personal branding photography.


Whose work has influenced you most?

As a child, my dad used to have subscriptions to National Geographic magazine. That was a really big thing for me, looking at all those beautiful nature and landscape pictures and wondering about them. Those photos were a big inspiration source for me to become a photographer.


What makes a good picture stand out from the average?

It is very subjective. If we take brand photography, for me, it is a way of visual storytelling. You tell a story of your brand in a visual way. It is all about making a connection with your audience. How you make this connection with your audience within a very short time matters. You have to capture the person you are shooting really well. I really enjoy getting to know the people in advance and capturing the soul of people. This is the essence of my business. I constantly seek answers to questions like: What drives those people? What sets them apart from others? What is their purpose in life? What is their story to tell? My job is to reflect those answers I collect in my photography.


What is the most challenging part about being a brand photographer for you?

To come up with different shots and not to be monotonous. Every client is different, every business is also different and unique.

My aim is to bring up the uniqueness in every brand. In order to do that I begin with getting to know the owners thoroughly and finding out about the brand in depth. I always arrange an initial consultation that lasts 30-45 minutes before the session to get to know the clients better and to prepare them for the session. That lets me visualize the things that set the client apart from others in a more creative way.

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