What did you achieve this past season that you’re most proud of?

Project-wise I have really enjoyed working together with the WBII comms team on the new marketing materials for the association. First of all I love the community and the power of brainstorming with other female entrepreneurs. The positive energy I get always reflects on my work and boosts my creativity. It also feels wonderful having the input and feedback from other professionals working for the same mission with you to improve my designs.

Personal-wise I am working towards not putting too much pressure on myself and letting things go a little bit, trying to be satisfied with less and focus on a few things at a time.


What if people don’t like something you made?

My first reaction would be to feel a little bit disappointed of course. Before I used to take negative feedback more personally but now I understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean I did something wrong. Sometimes a good idea to me could not be a great idea for someone else and also people’s tastes differ. Luckily this situation doesn’t happen frequently, but I try to minimise the risk by getting the brief right at the beginning, asking more questions during the process, getting more feedback in-between stages to avoid surprises and always going back to initial sketches to see how we could pick up more ideas and develop them further. I always try to do my best to come to a middle way that works for both of us.


When do you feel most creative?

I think I am usually more creative in the mornings after my first cup of coffee. I usually go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or visit design shops to get lost in my head and find new ideas about the projects. I love mornings when it is quiet. Every now and then, I read back the kind words that my previous clients wrote for me and that reminds me that I have done something good. Feeling proud and cheerful helps me to be more creative in a way.


What brands do you admire and why?

I admire brands that use authentic, true, transparent storytelling to connect with their consumers and build their brand. They build their products into our lives cleverly and create a sense of belonging. It creates fans who will market for them. Instead of telling the company’s story and talking about themselves all the time, they get their customers to tell their stories. I admire that. Some examples for such brands could be Nike, and Airbnb. I like Apple’s approach too.


How long have you been interested in illustration and design?

I have been interested in drawing and design since my childhood in Turkey.

I was pretty confident that I would choose a professional route in design. Art was my favourite subject at school and I spent weekends at an artist’s studio doing paintings and sketching.

I always loved surprising my loved ones with home made gifts and creations. Not only I enjoyed the creation process, but also seeing their reactions when they received a unique custom-made surprise made with love and attention gave me the pleasure to keep doing this for a lifetime.


What other creative activities do you enjoy?

I love silversmithing, crafting, cooking comfort food for my family and going on long walks. When I have time, I also enjoy visiting exhibitions and museums to find inspiration.

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