How did you become an SEO?

Like most SEOs, I stumbled upon SEO by accident. It was not too long after I arrived in The Netherlands, I was still trying to figure out what I should do in this “new chapter” of my life. I had previously worked for the Israeli parliament, but that of course was not possible here. A friend asked me to help him with social media and marketing for a company he worked for. He was doing SEO alongside his other responsibilities, but when he saw that I was really interested in learning how to improve website presence and visibility he said – hey, why don’t you do it? I took over and never looked back 🙂


What’s a day like in an SEO’s life?

Every day I do a little bit of everything, I look at the website analytics of clients to monitor them to make sure nothing is going wrong.

Depending on the project, I do keyword research for clients to help them plan their content strategy. I love this part especially, because it is like being a detective.

Generally speaking, SEO work is like that – looking for clues, trying to figure out what people are searching for, what questions they need answering. Finding out what is the cause for a sudden drop in traffic, what makes people click through from search results, what makes them stay longer and take actions on your website. It’s all a puzzle that I need to put together everyday, so I (and my clients) can see the big picture.


How do you describe yourself in a team?

Being the analytical mind of the team, I always try to put things in order, think of processes and structure. It’s not always a good thing, though, so I’m glad we are all very different from each other and that there are other team mates who can tell me when I’m too hung up on the process instead of the work. We balance each other!


Why do you like working with rebranding?

I love to create something from scratch and give it strong foundations. A big part of my work is coming in and fixing things that went wrong, or adding, tweaking, and optimising things that already exist. With what we do at Rebranding Boutique, I have the opportunity to build it right (SEO-wise) from the get go.


What is one thing that a lot of people don’t know about you?

Originally from Israel, I grew up 5 mins from the Mediterranean. As a result, I don’t like the sea! Give me the desert (or the mountains) every any day.

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